Olive OylMaybe the magic bullet for health and weight loss was cleverly hidden in a cartoon strip:  spinach and olive oil.

With evidence mounting that fat is indeed our friend, perhaps it’s time to chug-a-lug some fatty goodness in the name of health … and weight loss.

Experiment for yourself with this recommendation for taking a dose of olive oil from Lance over at LiveStrong:

  • add a teaspoon of EVOO to your morning juice (which assumes juice is a good choice, and probably not if you have a weight problem);
  • add a teaspoon to a glass of lemon water before lunch;
  • take a teaspoon in the afternoon to stave off snack attacks.

Since I like the tast of olive oil and don’t mind taking a spoonful now and then, I think I will try this as an alternative to a fat snack like nuts.  I will venture forth, do some scouting, and report back.  You do the same and let me know your results!

To your health ~

Cave Girl Raquel WelchSorry to have dropped out of sight for the month of November, but Huff and Puff are busy little bees and we’ve been remiss in our posts, but doing double time in other parts of life!  One of those parts (for Puff, at least) is getting to the bottom of all this eating business, and yes, a big part of it is Big Business.  Ever hear of Monsanto?  I’ve gone into research mode (again) and have been culling the credible from the crap so Read the rest of this entry »

I sort of hate to talk about it, but the past couple of weeks I have ditched my diet.  A very good and able friend in the mental health profession calls this The F*ckits, as in when you get to the point that you just say “f*ck it, I’m having Haagen Dazs.”  Or name the Naughty Food of your choice.  I would not say that I actually have The F*ckits.  I would say that, at this point, I have the Over Busies.  As in, I am overly busy and the first thing that gets ditched is shopping, chopping, planning and portioning.  Of course I know this is a recipe for failure, but I also know that it’s symptomatic of the stress cycle that many of us fall prey to.  You know, not Read the rest of this entry »


Drink up, Buttercup!

Drink up, Buttercup!

Believe it or not, “Hydrate or Die” is the callout used by one of the beverage vendors at the Arizona Diamondbacks ballpark.  When Buff and I heard him calling this out over the stands, hawking cold beer, sodas, and water, we just cracked up.  But he made his point!

So how important is hydration and does any liquid qualify or must it be water?

Water transports nutrients and carries waste away from body cells, and it helps regulate body temperature by distributing heat and cooling the body through perspiration.  We are made up mostly of water — blood is about 83% water, muscles are about 76% water and even bones are Read the rest of this entry »

We all know that managing what goes in your face is (at least) one-third of the triumvirate of health, but it’s easy to lose track and skip a meal and then get take-out because you’re too tired to cook and — WHAM — hello weight gain.

Don’t think we haven’t struggled with this, because we have.  Huff and Puff are mere mortals, after all, and have very busy professional and family lives that demand attention … just like YOU!  So how do you conquer the meal Read the rest of this entry »

I will confess, my workouts with Andrew (my personal trainer) have taken on an element of “me” time, in that it’s about the only three waking hours of my week that are devoted entirely to my well-being.  As my friend, Barbara, told me recently, I am a world-class multi-tasker, but it takes work for me to focus.  Problem solved if I’m gasping and panting my way through the third set of lunges.  I am completely focused on not dying.

So what happens, then, when I finally convince The Mister (who Huff and I fondly refer to as “Buff” due to his naturally athletic build) to come along to the gym with me? Read the rest of this entry »

walkingwoundedI’m hurt.  Sidelined by sciatic pain that is aggravating (at best) and excruciating (at worst), I’m one of millions of people that have intermittent back pain.  Mostly, it’s fine and I never have to give it a thought.  I’ve strengthened my back over the years and I know that lifting while twisting,  without proper thought, is a big no-no.

This back pain originated when I was 22 with an injury — actually a series of them in the span of a week.  Injury one: walking on an icy sidewalk, arms loaded with files and — boom —  feet in the air, flat of my back, resulting in bruises (to body and pride) and low back pain.  Injury two: icy, snowy boots hit concrete staircase and away I went, except I caught the Read the rest of this entry »

Sometimes, in our obsession with journaling every bite that goes in our face and planning meals and scheduling cardio sessions between weight training workouts and generally being focused on our fatty cakes, we lose the big picture.

Tonight, the Perseid Meteor Shower will peak and, for some, it will be a natural light show that lifts the spirits and brings a little bit of gee whiz Read the rest of this entry »

Beans & RiceI was raised by a great Southern cook who never met a carb she didn’t like.  One of the Texas style meals that Mother would prepare for us was red beans and rice.  This Southern staple is elevated to an art form by our neighbors to the east in Louisiana, where bits of andouille sausage and ham hocks make it a real Cajun meal.  Naturally, this comfort food is too carb-y and fatty for a fitness program, so I’ve revamped it and I think you’ll find that it hits the spot when you need a tasty reminder of NOLA. Read the rest of this entry »

Puff's Inner Child

Puff's inner child reigns triumphant over all fitness obstacles!

Back in April, Huff and I talked about Next Year’s Goals in glowing, yes-we-can terms.  Knowing how much of a backslider I am, I decided to actually (gasp) go back and review those goals and see how I’m doing.  Here we go.

1.    Continue with my low carb weight loss eating plan through December (or until goal is reached), no matter how much I want chips and salsa, brownies, or wine and cheese.  (After that, it’s on to my low carb maintenance eating plan!)
Okay, honestly, I have failed miserably at this goal.  And now I must revise this goal to reflect the realities of life and the more urgent body need in light of increasingly Read the rest of this entry »