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As I mentioned last time, I am in a bit of a fitness slump and I’m thinking of ways to get myself out of it, and jumpstarted back into my training and exercise routines.  I am an unrepentant devotee of Richard Simmons exercise tapes.  I have two current favs: Broadway Sweat and Latin Blast-off, the latter of which takes place in a ‘cantina’  and all dancers are in costume – Ole!  I do love them, but I think my body has gotten used to them, so I’m not sure they are as effective as they once were  So, how can I get some variety in my exercise video collection and jumpstart myself to a new level of toned fitness?
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Self TalkWe all do it, some more than others.  We look in the mirror and think, “Oh dear, you have really let things go and now look at you.  Old, fat, out of shape, unattractive, and wow that hair needs managing.”  Or something to that effect.  Around our house, we call it Stinkin’  Thinkin’, but apparently I didn’t coin the phrase.  No, friends, it’s a real phenomenon occurring in our crazy old beans that makes us think things are worse than they are, which leads us to believe there is no hope, which leads us to the ice cream aisle at the grocery store.
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…it’s O’ Dark Thirty and I just want to stay in bed and bag the thrice weekly training sessions…

This is the time of the year when it’s really dark out and it’s still really cold outside and when my alarm clock goes off to get me out of bed and dressed for the gym training class, I just have a hard time facing the whole thing. I’ve been a devoted trainee for twelve months now and dammit I’m sick of it. I think I’m having a crisis. What to do?
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Fit Tip:  On the days that you arrive home ravenously hungry and need something (anything) before dinner, grab a banana, apple and a handful of raw nuts instead of cheese and crackers or chips. The healthy carbohydrates, fats, protein, natural sugars, vitamins, minerals, and fiber will hold you over without sabotaging weight loss.
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CalendarHealthy Habit: Hold your abs and glutes as tight as you can while you drive. Relax when stopped, flex while on the move. Hey! Every little bit helps!
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Today I was thinking about five different people I know that seem to be just naturally healthy, fit and slender, and WHY they are that way.   Because hey, if they can do it, so can I, right? 

Friend One spends no less than two hours per day (every day) working out, but she eats whatever she wants, which tends to include a lot of sweets and cheese, but not a lot of meat.  Friend Two scrupulously watches everything that goes in her face and is diligent about riding her bike at least 5 days a week.  Friend Three runs 6-8 miles every morning and eats like a horse with no regard for Read the rest of this entry »

My taste odyssey continues.
The result of yesterday’s tastings is that I had a bout of gas and diarrhea that was fairly horrifying for a genteel person.  It bothered me, too.  With caution, I am proceeding.
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One thing I’ve come to understand about the process of becoming more fit is that it’s not just a matter of eating less, and exercising more.  It’s  more complicated, at least  if you have more than 10% of your body weight to lose. 

As I mentioned in my ‘about’ , I have struggled with my weight all my life. About a year ago I got a real wake up call and realized that I simply could no longer afford to do nothing , or rely on a series of fad diets or sporatic exercise plans to solve this particular  problem.  My inability to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight was putting me at increased risk of a whole host of Read the rest of this entry »

Ok! We’ve been at this just about a month now, in fact, it’s our one month anniversary.  Happy Anniversary, 5oFitandFab! We would celebrate with champagne and chocolates, but that would be difficult to explain to our food coaches and then, who could we blame but ourselves for our shocking lack of adipose loss on the scale?   

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I love the TV show, Biggest Losers.  For one thing, I love the Emcee, Samee from Days of Our Lives. She used to be such a bitch on the TV show, and here she is the empathetic skinny smallest person on the set, except for Jillian of course.

Every time I watch it, I cringe, I cry, I exclaim, I fret, I envy.  I am totally rooting for each and every person who has the guts to humiliate themselves in this way. Truly, I find it to be a completely inspirational experience. For one thing, how is it that I can whine over a 60 minute workout three times per week which causes me unfailingly to go Read the rest of this entry »