So, I’m trying to puzzle through a new routine that incorporates what I‘ve learned from my year of weight training with a more varied fitness routine that includes more aerobic activity. I’ve done a lot of reading and a lot of thinking about this. In fact, I’ve probably over intellectualized the whole business. I’m one of these folks that won’t go on the golf course unless I have a minimum level of knowledge and training on how to swing the clubs, what the general rules are and how I can keep the little itty bitty golf ball on the fairway. [This is really a whole other story which I won’t bore you with right now. I just love to golf, even though I suck at it. I love to walk on the green grass,, I love the smell, I love the clothes, I love the golf carts and I love the drink cart… but I digress…] Thinking about a new routine is much the same for me . I think I’ve come up with a plan.
It’s really hot where Puff and I live. I mean really hot. The air quality sucks and so what is needed is a routine that will move the body, shake the booty and generally improve the overall fitness level.
After much thought, here is my new plan. I’m going to take a more varied approach: so it’s back to yoga, supplemented with home based weight training and some other aerobic activity, possibly water aerobics at my big box gym. Perhaps variety is what I need. So, here‘s the plan:

1. I have completed a three class introduction to yoga course at a local yoga center. This place has really good vibes. Very welcoming to newbies. No standing on your head right away. The owner and her senior instructors teach the three class introduction. I got major poses, etiquette, a ‘flow’ routine, and other tips. It’s just amazing how much a person can sweat just standing there in some of those poses!
2. Water aerobics – ok I need a new bathing suit for this, but it’s supposed to be a good workout. My Big Box Gym holds classes several nights a week, so I have a friend, and we’re going to give it a go.
3. I bought one of those big balls, and some 8 and 10 lb weights, plus three DVDs with weight lifting workouts. I’m going to give those a go.
So, that’s my plan for the rest of the summer. I think between the three types of activities, I should get the variety I need not to get bored, the community I need to keep motivated, and the routines to provide workouts from several different perspectives. Stay tuned, I’ll report out.

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  • Margie Maes:

    Your recent posts are very inspiring. It’s easy to backslide when you get bored, but you’re sticking with it and moving forward. Way to go!

  • Mody:

    I am currently wrikong with 2 struggling readers. One responds better to direct instruction as long as I’m not obvious about the fact that I’m instructing. She tends to shut down if I approach the time as a lesson, but will actively learn if my approach is more of a discovery or game time. I have not worked long enough yet with my other struggling reader to determine the way she learns best.

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