OK, so the first bump in the long and winding road of my new-and-improved-energized exercise plan is, my membership at the Big Box Gym (BBG) has been terminated, unbeknownst to me and without my consent. Yes, sports fans. Since November, 2009. WTF? I thought I’d been paying all this time. True, since I was training elsewhere, I didn’t actually ever set foot in the BBG, and most likely the term of my credit card expired, but that seems like a small detail, and couldn’t they have dropped a line? They claimed they sent me an email but I don’t think so. I am a slave to my three emails and I would have noticed. Of course, they terminated my really good deal too. They’d be happy to reinstate me, even waive the initiation fee, but my monthly fee goes up 30%! Do you ever notice that there are usually 3-5 sales people milling around in these places who can’t do anything for you but sign you up anew, but no phone number to talk to someone who can actually REINSTATE MY ACCOUNT at the old terms. I have been wiped clean from their sales databases. The NERVE.

Fortunately they issued me a ‘guest pass’ for the workout, thanks to the presence of my BFF / partner in fitness crime/ fellow water aerobics aficionado, and paid up BBG member, so we did get our water aerobics session done. I had forgotten how much fun water aerobics really is, especially when you get to use all their toys – the noodles, the water weights in spiffy UCLA fight colors, the buff boys outside walking by. It’s very refreshing and a very nice work out. Of course you have to endure the snickers of the buff jocks looking in on you from their elliptical training perches, but I just pretend I’m Esther Williams without the flower topped swim cap and just ignore them.

This particular instructor was not using music which I generally think adds to the fitness, but she definately took us through her paces. Slept like a [water] log that night! You can’t really hear anything in those places either, which is a double problem for me since I’m hard of hearing. But the instructor led us from shore so to speak, so it was easy to follow along. Can’t really blame the instructor if I got behind, due to chatting with my BFF. Any hoo, I recommend water aerobics highly for a change in one’s routine.

I’m not sure what to do about my own change in routine as this was one of the options that was going to give me variety and stir me to ever higher levels of fitness. On the one hand, I like this particular BBG, and they have a pool, which most of the other BBGs don’t have. On the other hand, why pour good money after bad? I’m putting in floors, and the annual fee would be a payment. On the other other hand, I should probably have a back up. My current plan is to try to find someone to call at the BBG and see if I can buffalo them into reinstating me at the old rate. We do live in a culture of victimhood after all, and after all , it wasn’t my fault!!!!! Whine whine whine. Note to self: probably a best practice to show up at least once per month if you don’t want to risk getting your ass cancelled.

Here’s a good article on the benefits of water aerobics. Good cardio, easy on the joints, calorie burner. You can chat while you do it. What’s not to like?

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