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Puff's inner child reigns triumphant over all fitness obstacles!

Back in April, Huff and I talked about Next Year’s Goals in glowing, yes-we-can terms.  Knowing how much of a backslider I am, I decided to actually (gasp) go back and review those goals and see how I’m doing.  Here we go.

1.    Continue with my low carb weight loss eating plan through December (or until goal is reached), no matter how much I want chips and salsa, brownies, or wine and cheese.  (After that, it’s on to my low carb maintenance eating plan!)
Okay, honestly, I have failed miserably at this goal.  And now I must revise this goal to reflect the realities of life and the more urgent body need in light of increasingly virulent allergic responses.   
     NEW GOAL:  I will eliminate all allergenic foods from my eating plan. 

2.    Continue with Andrew and my functional fitness strength training type workouts, 3 sessions per week.
Done and I love it  — even when I don’t want to do it, I still love it when I’m done!

3.    Add run/walk interval cardio, 20-30 minutes, 3 times per week.
Yes!  I have added cardio to the fitness routine not just 3, but FIVE times a week.

4.    Get back to yoga, 2 sessions per week.  I can’t wait to be back on the mat, now if I can just carve out the time.
I still haven’t made time for yoga and, seriously, I am so not motivated to do anything in this summer heat.  But now that I’ve been reminded, I will add it to my “pledge” list.

5.    Declutter my life (get rid of extraneous commitments), declutter my house (where did all this crap come from?), declutter my mind (yes, meditation is on the agenda), and declutter my body (bye bye love handles).
A big chunk of decluttering is done, but more is on the horizon and, frankly, it’s more of a mindset than a task.  As you clear the decks you may find that you don’t want to fill the void with more stuff/things/fat.

6.    Have some fitness fun ~ go hiking, play a round of golf, hit some tennis balls, swim, spend more time on my bike, take a sightseeing walk, learn to use my roller blades, maybe go dancing or (gasp!) go on a fitness vacation.
I fought the heat and the heat won.  The only fitness fun I can muster is swimming now and then.  For me, it’s much too hot here in the desert to enjoy anything outdoors in the summer.  I’m a cool weather person!

So now what?   Well, revisiting my goals and then breaking them into manageable pledges is working for me.  I described this process for my naturopath, Dr. Kyle Hawk Cronin, as taking “baby steps.”  She smiled and said, “no, you are taking STEPS!  There’s nothing baby about them.”  That was the boost I needed to keep on climbing, one step at a time.

On the journey to fitness ~ Puff 

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  • lisa:

    I’m with you on the journey–just returned from a 16 day trip visiting friends and family in the cooler climes of CA. Am ecstatic that I managed to go to the gym or workout 3 times a week while gone. However, I did NOT weigh in the second week, and will have my moment of truth tomorrow morning on the scale–and I’m thinking it WONT be pretty.

    In the spirit of Dr. Cronin, however, I am taking heart in the fact that I forced myself to exercise 3 x a week, which I have NEVER done before on a vacation….AND I did not stuff myself with food EVERY day while gone, which was a second goal reached!

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