We all know that managing what goes in your face is (at least) one-third of the triumvirate of health, but it’s easy to lose track and skip a meal and then get take-out because you’re too tired to cook and — WHAM — hello weight gain.

Don’t think we haven’t struggled with this, because we have.  Huff and Puff are mere mortals, after all, and have very busy professional and family lives that demand attention … just like YOU!  So how do you conquer the meal management issue when you are trying to either:

  • Lose weight
  • Maintain weight loss, or
  • Create health.

Here’s a quick trick that can help you in all of those situations.

Step One:  Calculate your total daily intake of protein, fat, and carbohydrate (based on your goal).

Step Two:  Choose one protein, one fat, and two carbohydrates for the day. 

Step Three:  The evening before, measure out a day’s worth of each in re-sealable containers.

Step Four:  Eat your pre-measured foods in roughly equal mini-meals throughout the day (no less than 3 and up to 6).

Step Five:  You’re done!

Here’s the practical example:  Tomorrow, I have chosen to eat chicken (protein), olive oil (fat), red romaine lettuce and broccoli (carbohydrates).  Tonight I will cook enough chicken for tonight’s dinner plus all day tomorrow.  Using my kitchen scale and re-sealable containers, I will measure out a day’s portion of chicken, lettuce, and broccoli.  For breakfast, I will have some broccoli and chicken sauteed in a bit of olive oil and garlic.  Mid-morning, I will have some peeled broccoli stems as a snack.  For lunch, I will have a big salad with broccoli florets and chicken, with oil and vinegar dressing.  Mid-afternoon, I will have a lettuce wrap, with a bit of chicken and some hot sauce.  For dinner, I will have chicken and steamed broccoli with a side salad.  For a late snack, I will have more peeled broccoli stems. 

Since I have already measured my daily portion, I only have to “eyeball” my mini-meal portions and, if I’m not very hungry, I can have a smaller portion at noon and a larger portion at dinner.  It all works out!

The next day, I have selected a vegetarian menu of black beans (protein), avocado (fat), spinach and tomatoes (carbohydrates).   The combinations are endless and you can use seasonal, fresh produce to create your meal plans.

While it may seem a bit boring to eat the same thing all day, studies like those in the International Journal of Obesity show that decreasing your variety can increase your weight loss.   Try it out and let us know how you like it!

Eating your way to health ~

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