I sort of hate to talk about it, but the past couple of weeks I have ditched my diet.  A very good and able friend in the mental health profession calls this The F*ckits, as in when you get to the point that you just say “f*ck it, I’m having Haagen Dazs.”  Or name the Naughty Food of your choice.  I would not say that I actually have The F*ckits.  I would say that, at this point, I have the Over Busies.  As in, I am overly busy and the first thing that gets ditched is shopping, chopping, planning and portioning.  Of course I know this is a recipe for failure, but I also know that it’s symptomatic of the stress cycle that many of us fall prey to.  You know, not enough sleep, crazy or stressful work, too little cardio and too many cocktails.  Next thing you know, your eating plan is derailed and you’re having wine and tortilla chips for dinner. 

So what happens when you fall off the Healthy Wagon and backslide into Crapulous Eating?  First, stop it right now.  There’s no reason to spiral … one bad meal or a day of bad snacking or even a whole week of unhealthy choices is not the end of the world unless you just keep going.  So stop now and get back on track as of the next meal.  Not tomorrow.  Not Monday.  Not next week.  NEXT MEAL.

Second, do your body a favor and drink a LOT of water and load up on the green vegetables for a couple of days to clean out the system.  If you’ve been in a Crapulous Eating Cycle, then you’ve probably had way too much salt, sugar, and/or fat, and it’s good to hydrate your system with water and fiber.

Third, start planning again: tomorrow’s meals, this weekend’s pre-party snack, next week’s lunches.  Yes, this will mean a trip to the grocery store, but here’s a hot tip … grocery delivery!  Check out Safeway’s delivery program here and sorry, no more excuses for not shopping!

Okay, maybe this wasn’t a very good lesson in how to ditch a diet — more like how to get back on the Healthy Wagon when The F*ckits or Crapulous Eating have taken hold.  The important thing is, don’t give up on yourself and your path to being Fit and Fab.  You’re worth it!

Planning your way to health ~ Puff

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