Idealized Version of Huff and Puff

Hi!  We’re Huff and Puff and those are not our real names.

5o, Fit and Fab was born out of our own frustrating, funny, and sometimes arduous road to find health, fitness, and a smaller derriere.  We, like many of you, were gorgeous in our youth, hot and sexy as we got a bit of maturity, and then bad things happened that we didn’t see coming and BAM, we were attacked by rolls of belly fat, flappy arms, and lumpy bumpies hiding in our pants.

We struggled with this alone for a long time and, realizing that we were sharing a path, we teamed up to cheer each other on, share the knowledge that came our way, and bitch and moan when necessary.

As much as this is our journey, we’re pretty sure it’s yours, too.  Join us, talk to us, let us know what works for you or doesn’t.  We’re all in this together!

Huff and Puff

Listen up everyone, this is serious.

This blog is purely for fun and the catharsis that comes from sharing our successes and our failures. Huff and Puff are complete amateurs in this arena.

Every blog post is pure opinion, based on personal experience and the inability to keep it to ourselves. WE KNOW NOTHING.

If you are going to start an exercise program SEE A PHYSICIAN FIRST. If your doctors are like our doctors, they will cry for joy at your interest in increasing your fitness levels. But take THEIR advice, not ours.

We got permission to undertake the fitness paths we are on, and so must you. DO NOT take anything we say as advice or as an edict to follow a program of any kind. If we were experts, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, now would we?

All that aside, we hope you find inspiration to follow your own dreams of being Fit and Fab Forever!

Huff and Puff

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