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walkingwoundedI’m hurt.  Sidelined by sciatic pain that is aggravating (at best) and excruciating (at worst), I’m one of millions of people that have intermittent back pain.  Mostly, it’s fine and I never have to give it a thought.  I’ve strengthened my back over the years and I know that lifting while twisting,  without proper thought, is a big no-no.

This back pain originated when I was 22 with an injury — actually a series of them in the span of a week.  Injury one: walking on an icy sidewalk, arms loaded with files and — boom —  feet in the air, flat of my back, resulting in bruises (to body and pride) and low back pain.  Injury two: icy, snowy boots hit concrete staircase and away I went, except I caught the Read the rest of this entry »

Admit it, you’ve made excuses.  We all have.  Right now my favorite is ~  I’m too HOT to exercise.  Granted, right now it is 109 degrees in the shade on my home patio.  And it’s 86 degrees in my pool, so I think I may be making excuses about  not getting my cardio on.  You can breathe heavy in a pool, too, right?

So this blog is about excuses (we all have them) versus reasons (we have these too, just less of them), how to distinguish the two and, most important, how to put your excuses aside and do the right Read the rest of this entry »

Well, the truth is my fitness routines have gone to shit. Between the current demands of work, burnout and ambivalence about my current routine, not to mention the beastly and horrible heat, I have basically bailed from my year long routine and I’ve been taking a fix on the next phase of my program.  I started walking the canal in the early morning about a month ago, and ended up with a serious allergy attack, my first. The ozone around these parts is intense, even at 6:00 am.  Big Bummer. I do enjoy walking on the canals in the early morning, and I want to continue with this type of activity because I love to be outside, and know that aerobic activity is the key to fat burning, but I also don’t want to lose the muscle strength I have gained the hard way this past year. Read the rest of this entry »

No_WhiningI am feeling quite overwhelmed with life at the moment. So many projects, or should I say so many deadlines and  so little time.  It is so hard to do the right thing, which is prioritize our health and wellbeing above all else, when  the house needs cleaning, the boss needs that report, we have obligations and commitments with friends and colleagues, etc etc.  And everything   seems to come due at once.  For me, the first thing that used to go was the exercise and the mindful eating. I’m better, but it’s a daily struggle.

Our ‘newspaper of record’ is running a multi part series called “No Excuses”.  This week’s column focused on getting fit and healthy and how to ease stress that leads to overeating and neglecting exercise. As usual for the series, a person with issues is coached by a sports medicine doc, a nutritionist and a psychologist.  These folks  offer tips for solving or at least alleviating the problem at hand. There’s usually a nugget or two in each article.

The article stressed the process of taking care of yourself above all else and if you keep that in focus, all else will follow, eventually. This particular type of article usually brings out the snarky Bad Huff . For example,   1) take weight loss off the to-do list.  Bad Huff: sounds like license to  head to Postino’s for happy hour tonight and sleep in tomorrow.  1A) Instead,  just focus on eating in a more healthy fashion.  Bad Huff: Yeah, told ya, red wine is practically a health food.   2) Focus just on taking good care of yourself.  Bad Huff: See #1 and 2 above.

Somehow  when the to-do lists pile up, I find the chunky monkey ice cream and exercise my executive decision making powers to skip a workout.  It’s a bad plan because the time I spend foraging for less nutritious options is time I could be spending walking around, or meditating or reading a good book.  I blame some of this on my diminished ability to multitask, a skill I always prided myself on. But these days,  as  my to-do list grows, I just feel overwhelmed and less and less like I can do any of the tasks completely adequately.  Turns out, it’s not just me. The psychologist explains: “the average person can do one thing with excellence, two things very well, three things well, four things at a passable level or five things at a just barely satisfactory level. When we try to do six,seven,  or eight things at a time, we begin to fail at all of them.”

So, I shall adopt the following affirmation, at least for this week. Keep exercise and nutritious eating as #1 and #2 no matter what.  Let something else get at that back of the line.

To paraphrase the old cliché: at the end of life, no one is going to wish they had spent more time at the office.



…it’s O’ Dark Thirty and I just want to stay in bed and bag the thrice weekly training sessions…

This is the time of the year when it’s really dark out and it’s still really cold outside and when my alarm clock goes off to get me out of bed and dressed for the gym training class, I just have a hard time facing the whole thing. I’ve been a devoted trainee for twelve months now and dammit I’m sick of it. I think I’m having a crisis. What to do?
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When I worked out with a personal trainer, and now with the training ‘group’, the trainer announces the interval. There is of course a right way and a wrong way to complete the interval and the trainer will usually tell you want the interval is called, but no one is announcing what the purpose of the interval is, except of course the unannounced purpose which is to work your muscles and lungs to the breaking point. All you know, is some muscle or other is sore the next day, or in my case, that evening. Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s what happens when we go on a family visit (summarized):

Get 2-3 hours of sleep the night before departure due to working, organizing, packing, cleaning, and otherwise preparing for being out of town.
Arrive at airport bleary-eyed, light-headed, and hungry.
Begin the day with Starbucks coffee and muffin.
Travel all day with limited liquids and nothing nutritious to eat.
Arrive late at destination, starving and grumpy.  Greet friends/relatives/hotel staff with a snarl. Read the rest of this entry »

This person is not related to us (thank goodness), but represents our family members, who remain unamused by our search for travel fitness.

Forget about it.  No, seriously, forget about staying fit and healthy while you’re traveling because it likely won’t happen and you’ll just frustrate yourself and annoy your travel companions while you seek out a: