Shopaholism is not fab, but being fiscally fit and finding just the right thing is totally fab, and will keep you from wasting money on a bunch of stuff you will never use, wear, read, or eat.  Hey, Huff and Puff have gone down this road and want to help you conserve your coins so you’ll have more to spend on fab fun.

Here is our ongoing list of products and services, some of which are referenced in our posts.  The hidden bonus?  When you shop from this page for stuff you would probably buy anyway, Huff and Puff get a few farthings thrown into their little account which helps us pay for clip art, web hosting, and our trusty web developer.  We do so very much appreciate your assistance with the budget. 

Shop on, girlfriends!

[amazon-product alink=”0000FF” bordercolor=”000000″ height=”240″]0736048138[/amazon-product] Huff likes this book!  Read her book review here.

[amazon-product alink=”0000FF” bordercolor=”000000″ height=”240″]B001CDK73Y[/amazon-product] I am pleased to announce that Under Armour doesn’t lie.  I love love love their gear and wear this t-shirt to almost every workout.  It keeps even this menopausal mama cooler than the average soaking wet cotton T!
[amazon-product alink=”0000FF” bordercolor=”000000″ height=”240″]B000LHP5GG[/amazon-product] When you want to show off those Girl Guns, opt for the sleeveless UA  Heatgear and yes, I swear, they are cooler than cotton!
[amazon-product alink=”0000FF” bordercolor=”000000″ height=”240″]B00288QVZA[/amazon-product] Athleta makes stylish active fashion and this is one of Puff’s faves.  It looks like a fashion top, but has a built in bra and is made from a silky blend that wicks sweat and dries quickly.  Go hiking, jump in the creek, run/walk down the hill, throw on a shrug and go out to dinner.  Seriously, it’s that cute.  Perfect for travel because it does double (triple?) duty.
[amazon-product alink=”0000FF” bordercolor=”000000″ height=”240″]B002KT400A[/amazon-product] I don’t know about you, but I won’t get far on my bike without my bike shorts.  Cuts down on the OUCH factor and reduces chafing, all while holding the butt jiggles at bay while you pedal.  I have an OLD pair of these, so while they might seem pricey, they seem to last forever.

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