Artist's Rendition of Huff

Hi, I’m Huff and this is my story. 

I am closing in on the far side of my 50s.  The year I turned 50, I got divorced, had serious health problems leading to a hysterectomy, and basically quit giving a damn about what I put in my mouth and whether I ever exercised again.   This led to a multiyear bout of workaholic behavior, depression and a serious spare tire and I’m not talking on my car.  

Almost one year ago, I was sitting at my desk and I could literally feel my blood turning to sludge in my arteries.  At that point, I realized that if I didn’t do something pretty quickly, I was likely to keel over AT my desk.  I’m a professional woman, and my work has always come first.  In that moment of revelation, I  realized that although I love my work,  I’m not dying for it thank you very much.

YoYo could be my middle name.  I have tried every diet known to mankind, and I’ve lost plenty of weight through the years.  The weight always eventually came back.  Intermittent exercise programs were begun and eventually abandoned.  Frankly, I just couldn’t face another diet and Richard Simmons was my only ‘male’ companion, and he was on tape.

A bold step needed to be taken, something I had never tried before.  I had been inspired by a funny book about weight loss by Jen Lancaster, Such a Pretty Fat .  But dang, the woman was not even 40, and she had all her female organs and a functioning metabolism for god’s sake.  What did she know of my experience?   Right after this revelation, a small ad in my neighborhood throwaway newspaper caught my eye: a 90 day personal training program, at a local gym. 

I had a membership at a major, what I call ‘big box’ gym, but my feeble attempts at a routine had gotten me nowhere, when I could even get up the steam to go.

Would this “private” gym take on a fat, middle aged woman?  Did I have the guts to find out? The answer is Hell Yes they would and Hell Yes I did.  And after one week of personal training, I had the validation of knowing exactly why I needed a trainer.  My dear friend Puff started training about the same time I did, and we amused, comforted, and supported one another by sharing our trials and tribulations.

We cracked ourselves up, and Puff’s ‘paragon of patience’ aka hubby was laughing, so hey, it dawned on both of us that our experiences might be of interest to others similarly situated and so the blog is born.
For me, this blog is about the journey of getting my act together. Getting fit for me includes becoming empowered by knowledge, developing physical strength and facing my eating ‘issues’ because yes, dear reader, big surprise, I am an emotional eater. 

In short, I’ve been pretty much a physical train wreck. 

But you know what? Things are different now.  We are Fifty, Fit and Fab – we rock.


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